Things of Dignity connects nonprofits with businesses. Their deadstock products are helping people in need.​​​​​​
Deadstock products may not meet the requirements of the orderer, but may be acutely needed by people in a difficult life situation. A minor defect won't hurt the function, so we want to make sure they are not wasted and help where there is an immediate shortage.
We are looking for active uses for deadstock products in places where they are acutely needed.​​​​​​​
Some companies stock products that have no use. But we are sure that they are useful somewhere outside of the stock. We offer companies a solution to donate these products and give them a full opportunity to be used by people in need.

We connect the for-profit sector with the no
n-profit sector.
Companies don't always have time to deal with finding the right subscriber for their deadstock products. In some cases, it doesn't even occur to companies that these items might find such an acute use. Expiration, freeing up space in a warehouse, or other emergencies may be the reason why fully functional products are unnecessarily disposed of. Things of Dignity provides an easier way for manufacturers or companies to connect with non-profit or humanitarian organizations that distribute their products to people in difficult life situations.
What is a Emergency kit?
The Dignity Kit is a basic necessities package or "Emergency Kit" that serves as first material assistance for people in need. It is distributed in places where the local market supply is inadequate or non-existent at the time. Its content depends on the climate, the location, and the type of situation to which it responds. The products that make it up complement each other to provide a comprehensive response to distribution needs.
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