What solution Things of Dignity brings to?

Things of Dignity gives companies or producers easier  access to donate overstocked or deadstock products belonging to dignity kit to humanitarian organisations for people in need and make the response in case of emergency efficient.
Things of Dignity is a solidarity area where companies/producers can donate things belonging to dignity kit for humanitarian organisation, which are then delivered to people in need.
Companies which have difficulties selling products, that are not trendy anymore or just lie in stock for long time, can be submitted for donation. Things of Dignity platform is constantly working on being in contact with as much humanitarian organizations, so the products finds its user in need. 
The same way as companies, things can be donated exceptionally by public. 
The main aim is to give companies in general easier access to contribute and donate needy things directly and make the response in case of emergency quicker.
Side effect should spread awareness and increase social responsibility, solidarity among companies or producers for people in need.
Things of Dignity respond to the current and ongoing problems of deadstock products, mass-production and also the consequences of a massive consumer behaviour and its indifference towards society, environment, culture and human beings in general. 

It serves as a first material assistance for people in crisis who is fleeing due to any type of disaster caused by climate change, political oppression, environmental disaster or war conflict. It can differ by region or area of crisis. 
In case of underwear and socks is better to choose natural fibers such a cotton, bamboo or tencel. Comfortable, neutral and unprovocative shape and style is recommended.

Things of Dignity was an result of the diploma project at Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design at Prague (CZ). It was preceded by a long-term research of a relationship between fashion design industry with its consequences such as consumerism, overproduction, deadstocks and material clothing aid within migration crisis issue caused by war conflict, political oppression, environmental disaster or climate change. The first step was understanding conditions in the refugee camps by contacting humanitarian organisations plnu.cz, opu.cz, who have had experiences from refugee camps in Greece, Bosnia and Hercegovina or Serbia. The second step continued in the warehouse with donated clothing of charitable secondhand store Moment-ops.cz. A survey showed the average quality and type of donated clothes, but also the most insufficient clothing piece, which is underwear. Donated underwear is not only the most lacking piece, but in addition, the distribution itself is not common due to hygienic reasons, moreover it may be undignifying.
People are often shy to ask or demand it. Therefore its insufficiency is highly underestimated although it is part of the so-called dignity kit. The third step was finding the solution how to produce underwear for crisis conditions easily and low-priced. However, a limitation was high price of the item. The fourth step was a consultation with a humanitarian workers. They recommended basic underwear from natural material in inoffensive colour. The fifth step was a market research. Due to the market being overstocked by this item, the solution was to find a way how to distribute existing pieces to crisis areas.
Here originated the idea of Things of Dignity, which registers and collects deadstock, overstocked and also new underwear from companies/producers and help to transfer the items to humanitarian organisations, which will then distribute them to people in need.  
Things of Dignity offer to companies a responsible way to not waste unsaleable products and donate them to people in need.
Over time, the Things of Dignity platform was extended by other items belonging to the dignity kit.

Contribute to a better future.

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